Audio Examples 1

Over the years I've worked on so many theatrical productions and installations it would be impossible to provide audio examples of everything I've created. So I've picked out some of my favourite works which hopefully gives a broad overview of the diverse range of productions I've been involved with and the eclectic style of my sound design, composition and editing skills. You can find all these audio examples and more on my Soundcloud page 

Images Courtesy of Roisin Fletcher

Images Courtesy of Roisin Fletcher

More Light (Everyman Theatre, Liverpool)

In this play by Bryony Lavery and performed at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre, 'More Light' and the other 'ladies of the Emperor' have been immured with their recently deceased Chinese ruler. Used to a secure and luxurious existence, they are driven to extremes of human behaviour which test to the limit their mutual loyalty. This is one of my compositions that featured in the performance.

As well as original composition, I created the sound of the fluttering wings using Foley techniques usually employed in film sound. The sound was created with a feather duster and oven gloves, both of which gave a nice 'flapping' sound, which was layered and edited with panning effects. 

Blakemere Christmas Woodland

Blakemere Christmas Woodland was an immersive, interactive, promenade performance for all the family. Children were invited to explore the woodland in search of Santa's hut where they would deliver their Christmas letters to Santa.

 The Sledge Song and The Sledge Song (Reprise) are original compositions that formed a much longer soundscape created for the performance. Jack Frost is a soundscape created for a specific area of the woodland created using multi layered recordings I made by tapping wine glasses to create various tones. These sounds were then edited and layered to create a magical ethereal quality and were mixed in with field recordings of woodland areas. The soundscape was played through waterproof speakers hidden amongst the woodland.

Image courtesy of Michael Kirkham 

Image courtesy of Michael Kirkham 

Pram Talks (Birth)

Pram Talks is an interactive audio performance for two parents at a time. As part of All Things Considered Theatre, I visited Sure Start Centres and recorded parents from across the Northwest sharing their stories about the highs and the lows of parenthood. I edited the hours of interviews into a 40 minute interactive audio experience. Anyone who has children will no doubt recognise the piece of music I adapted to piano which I play at the end of this audio excerpt! 

The performance took place over two days in Princes Park and Stanley Park in Liverpool, and invited the audience to bring their newborns and take a stroll around the park listening to Pram Talks on headphones. The recordings captured peoples experiences of romance after a baby, breastfeeding in public, traumatic births, what they are really thinking during the 3am feed and Post Natal Depression.