Audio Examples 3

Over the years I've worked on so many theatrical productions and installations it would be impossible to provide audio examples of everything I've created. So I've picked out some of my favourite works which hopefully gives a broad overview of the diverse range of productions I've been involved with and the eclectic style of my sound design, composition and editing skills. You can find all these audio examples and more on my Soundcloud page 


Sense & Sustainability

Performed at The Bluecoat, Liverpool and Directed by CocoLoco, this immersive installation performance took over the entire Bluecoat building. From strange wandering choirs to abstract art installations, this performance focussed on Sustainability, but with a Jane Austin twist. 

The 'Trash Glitch Sessions' and 'Losing Focus' were part of a live mixed soundscape I created for 'The Hedonistic Room' where people could lose themselves in the onslaught of sound and visuals.

'Crying' which was also included in The Hedonistic Room sampled some of my favourite sound from movies such as Mulholland Drive, The Shining and the famous nails down a blackboard scene in Jaws. All twisted up with glitchy effects.


A Sense Of Falling

This thought provoking, immersive, multimedia performance written by David Coggins explored one man's journey through memory and examines how the events and incidences of our lives shape who we are.

Sound Design played a huge part in this performance as there was very little live dialogue performed by the actors. Almost all the dialogue was pre recorded and played back, gradually becoming more disjointed and abstract representing the lead characters disintegrating mind.

'A Sense Of Falling' was performed at The Buxton Fringe Festival 

crying for the moon 047.JPG

Crying For The Moon

This performance explored the isolation felt in modern society. The fight to remove oneself from the rat race but finding that there was no where else to go. The power of the moon and the obsession of replacing love with objects.

'Goddess' was a soundscape created for a particular scene in the performance where the lead character falls in love with the moon and entices the moon into an embrace that would ultimately lead to cataclysmic consequences for her world. 

This is a short excerpt from the 'Goddess' track